Monday, May 21, 2012

Moon Man

I love breakfast in bed
Watching the sky
With a smile

Goading those
To come back
And clean up

Watching Jupiter
Float by
With all of his
Serious satellites

Maybe dream
A bump with
Venus and beyond

I like to
Kick back
New to full
To last

Know I am
Bound to
And that one
Cool thought

Slips my hands
Behind my head
And I lean back in
My moon chair

Being part
Of a Galaxy?
Why not?

I’m a rabbit fan
I like ducks
Owls and bright-
children looking up
Got to keep
That wonder

I like my
That makes me hazy
On lazy
Summer nights

And fat me
In the East
And western skies

I like sticking
My thumb out
When a satellite
Flies by
Thinking it
Really has
To go

I adore silence
And the silences
between silences

When I grow up
I want to be rounder
And smoother
A never–ending yellow 
With a tinge
Of laughter at
The tall end of this
universal folly
And seriously
Most of all
I just want
To be here
Floating around
The love, the hoot
The whacked out
Rolling by at
All hours


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