Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Step Out of the Click

See a star, a simple bird
Feel your feet
Hold the moon in your palms
Put down their toys
and make your own

No guns for war
No bombs for Christ
Mohammed or the rest

You are the children
the violins, the strings
Let go the horns, the drums
the simple dawn

Walk the halls
the alleys, the steps
the avenues 
Hold hands with friends
Walk the forest
Say owl
hummingbird and dog

Talk to rabbits and ants
and monkeys in the sky
Listen to their stories
and simple days
of cross word puzzles
scratch pads
leaves blowing
waiting for
waiting to
love the moment
that is you

Tomorrow beholds
rhubarb, eggs
maple syrup

Look at that tree 
Watch it sway
Know the apple
tastes best if
tree veins freeze

You are the cloud
the magic wand
the simple walk
on this amazing

You are the children
Hold this world
Breathe, listen


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