Monday, April 16, 2012

Of Course?

Louie the orange
maker found
a rind of his own

And why would
Napoleon be jealous
of George Bush?

When did the leaves
become salmon

Who is the breath
Of the moon

Where did the bear
find the leftover grapes

How did the Iraqi mouse
find the French fries

Look at the signal
in your left ear

Sniggle Fritz did
not invent underwear

What kind of ape
would suck an oil well?

On the other hand
if you were born
with a carburetor
in your mouth
you could if you wish
spit it out and walk.

A child’s smile is
worth more than
an oil well

When the red ant
falls out of the
Money market
and eats some KFC

He stood in the window
waiting to be found
and he was

He kept shadows
in his right eye 

Rabish Fleemsha bought
the cigar store Indian
with balloon payments

Schmooze the aviator likes
marshmallows with his
chicken feet

Effervescent Charley
Sold gas pumps
To Chinese chipmunk vendors

All along the way
Sounds of tortillas clapping

As a matter of fact
The burritos cheered

Ever since Momma
found the rat poison
Daddy’s shut his trap

The incarceration
of Aesop’s Lizard
is eminent

Wrap you bread
In anti vibrant bags

The long gray owl
Wore no beak

When do we expect the
sojourn of expensive
parakeets to emerge?

Why should we pay
For laminated

He made a living selling
chloral hydrate
to misplaced honeybees

And You?


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