Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poem for the Lost Soldiers

Why are you taking our young
from the water, the hills and the air?
Who are you, men of guns
and short eyes, who worship ends
who take from trees and moon?
Who break a kiss, a son, a daughter
in the midst of leap and song?
Who called you to unleash
rage, false wisdom and rot?
How did you come to believe love
is just another toss in the breeze
a roll, a simple new face in the crowd
easily picked and tossed to the next?
Why do you rinse in other people’s tears?
Who are you in the darkness?
What do you salute in the morning?
Children turn cold in your hands?
When will I never have to ask?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rooster Breath Theater-Act II

Long live Seemstra
the loveless piano player
and his donkey

BLEEP Stewart sold a cat
to the other side of Paradise
and he came up with a discontinued
edge of circumstance.

Fritter Loop had three legs
but the loan department
didn’t care.

Zing Stripe wore two sets
of suspenders to bed for good luck.

Wiley Ramgo ran red lights
with his eyes closed.
They sold his car to the nearest light bulb.

Ronnie Bravinski ate four roosters
on one plate and has yet to
find time to comb his hair.

Ed Matthews’s wife, Winifred
sold his pet rabbit to a priest
with one blue eye.
and nobody cared.

Everett Moran sold
a dead parakeet
to his dry cleaners
and he got
a free coupon.

Melody Blank
took a loan
on her virginity
with interest.

I’m not one to
raise an eyebrow
but Jesus didn’t
come to
Easter Dinner.

River Lipcomb
ate a spider
with chop sticks
and his mother
put the web in the freezer
for dessert.

Adrienne Fester Porter
bought a pair of used
alligator pumps
for her piano.

April Bong Bunny
plays ping pong
with his psyche

Iraqi Special
John the Baptist
ala video mode

U.S. Special
Salome au lait
avec regret

August Boppet sold
fifteen pounds
of self esteem
to a lost
spider monkey

The army issues
punch cards for
each appendage lost
in combat.

Ernest Taylor
rented last year’s
Christmas to a
Chrysler Salesman
who offered discounts.
on dead shepherds.

Mr. North, the local baker
found a cross-eyed tarantula
in his noodles.
He added Hoisin sauce.

Looie the Easter egg
eater got paroled
on the condition
he would not
take a yoke.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Rooster Breath Theater-Act 1

Who put the dip stick in the egg plant?

What rat fed coconut oil to the hamster?

Better yet, how did the goose snot get in your cheese sandwich?

Not all iguanas suffer post partum depression.

There is no underwear for American Eagles that compound interest in the war effort.

Never mind how the worms found the lettuce.

Rubin Schnickle eats blue berry pancakes with horseradish.

Keeping in mind the myth of the cross-eyed seamstress and her mother, Olga Crumbuckle.

Ever since Mirabel got caught sucking graham crackers in the attic.

So what if Charlie eats hot dogs in his nightgown?

No tax addendums for sugar ants

You can’t blame the war on disenchanted walnuts

Sam won’t buy apples from the bird vendor.

If and when Hercules gets a breast implant.

Needless to say, the rabbit population doesn’t suffer from black holes.

Every so often Genghis Khan stops at the river for some KFC

Why is the price of a gas pump less 8 cents tax, worth your child as ransom?

Just because someone asks for your Social Security Number doesn’t mean you have to buy them a Happy Meal.

If a man calls a President by his last name you might think he is grown up.

Who ate the community goat?

Chicken breath may be sold as hallucinogenic fowl.

This is the second course based on rattlesnake egg whites designed for two-timing politicians.

Who put the adhesive in the chocolate cookies?

Androids are now on sale at Wal Mart.

The case of the asymmetrical sphinx.

The case of the mindless canary advertising Tide Liquid.

Small lapses in the future of ironing boards based on faulty IRAs.

The dog maker took umbrage in blue handkerchiefs with white trim.

Mabel believed until he took her red hat.

Chipmunks can’t vote so folks in Florida might consider independent raccoons.

Speaking of independence-Did you hear about the man who froze his dead mother for two years?

To answer your question: a plethora of recent examples personifies the conviction stated in the premise.

Ramifications on the brink of destruction-Or why pick a dead pigeon out of a pie?

And remember, in America, there is no discount for quiet desperation.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bail Out America

The wind is blowing
The snow is falling
and the monkeys
keep eating the pie