Sunday, March 28, 2010

Now Time

Is the clock ticking off heads
Seconds to none
The minute staked to drugged noon
The hour of change
When no one has any to spare
A day of dogwatchs
Because nobody can keep it up
A month of falling and
Everyone’s punishing
The year of the Pig and
Everybody wants a bite
A decade of menopause children
And a century of hair
That’s rapidly falling out.
It’s soul time with steeled hands twisting
It’s Mother Mountain Time for one last breath
It’s Sleep Time on the timeless concrete
It’s Cold time
Bad time
Hate time
Rape time
Steal time
Kill time
Dead time
And everybody has
Their own hot excuse for running away with the good times
It’s a trip with no destination
A space to avoid
A lie down and mind fuck time
A rundown grandfather time with the pendulum still swinging
Almighty Spring is choking on its roots
Summer’s a social disease
Fall is coming nuts down
Winter will screw us to death
We’ll wake up to our bone’s alarm
And start all over again
With me time
My time
Tick time
Took time
Tock time
Tick time
Tick time
Tick time