Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Philosopher Plumb wrote on August 10, 2010

The species is often considered endangered, but scientific research has found that Zither Spooned wrens attach themselves to leech critters and form bonds that are best described as orni-ejaculatory emissions predicated on technology recently made available. It is said that removal of the escape button renders androgynous behavior.

Addendum added:

Furthermore, said creatures often cohabitate with unauthorized pythons, who if the truth be known, were hired by the administration to spy on the orifices of all substandard species, those being defined as for the most part taxable in both the monetary and philosophical sense. This is a snake-lined province, but the orni-species gives sensual credence to all those with feels of erectile ennui.

Letter Received-August 11, 2010

Dear Philosopher Plumb,

Thank you for the epistle on the orni-ejaculatory emissions of those who attach to leech critters. Very interesting scientific research. Will the escape button be left intact to eliminate androgynous behavior? This I would recommend.

With regard to these serpents who spy on the orifices of substandard species, it would appear that the orni-species serves dual function, the Mata Hari of the animal kingdom, so to speak, bringing sensual delight to one and much information to another. Useful in more ways than one.

Please keep me informed of any future findings on this very interesting phenomenon.

Yours Truly,
The Nurse of Naturalism

Reply to Nurse of Naturalism-August 11, 2010

Dear Nurse,

It is with great honor that I share my findings with said persona. Given the oblong success of the species, your wealth of knowledge bridges the understanding needed to harmonize such indigenous creatures, which, given the opportunity might fornicate with the wrong birds, or crocodiles given the opportunity, but this withstanding, it is with grace and gratitude, that you bear such understanding.

I shall with much admiration share more of my findings.

However, I think it a matter of considering the situation as a crock, if not at least the absence of fortitude and honor. This is not to negate the question, but rather to implicate the notion that all that probes is not fecund, or in another light, all that leap do not land, but then from the Zitter Wren's perspective, a small entry is much safer and keeps crows from the roost.

Philosopher Plumb


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