Saturday, August 1, 2009

Harry, It’s You

Hey there, Charlie, or is it Hank or
George maybe floating in the Tigris
Face down, bloated, the uniform, what’s left of it
Hoisted on a TV screen, and umm yes
Professor Hump is stroking his chin
And Admiral Fuchs has drawn the line.
And what do you think President Loopsky?
Oh I forgot, you’re foot got caught in Albania
George, or is it Harry they are talking about.
You face down with some commodity at risk
But you wouldn’t know what that is
Because you’re dead and you wouldn’t have
Gotten the drift before the stock soared.
Jim, no Harry, George, we’re thinking about you
And we understand you have given much
As have your comrades, all of them
Lumbering along the bombed out brains
The computerized, video that is them.
George, Oh I’m sorry, I forgot, Ken
Lydia, Samantha, no Heather, or is it Sam
Lying in the sand between the toothpaste commercial
The rush to Hummers and home loans
The foot long subs, the long legged dreams
The Freedom Credit card they promised you?
Harry, yes, we understand


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